Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Arkadaşım Hoşgeldin!

Tervetuloa lukemaan opaspainotteista blogiamme, jota kirjoitamme opinnäytetyönämme!

Olemme kaksi kolmannen vuoden restonomi-opiskelijaa Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulusta ja vietimme kokonaan toisen opiskeluvuotemme Turkin Antalyassa. Opiskeluvuotemme hurahti silmissä ja tiesimme jo Turkissa ollessamme, että tulevan opinnäytetyömme teemme yhdessä ja vaihtokokemukseemme liittyen. Syksyllä 2016 sitten hioimme ajatusta ja päädyimme ideaan opaspainotteisesta blogista nuorille omatoimisille, suomalaisille matkailijoille. Teemme kuitenkin blogista kaksikielisen, joten postauksia voivat lukea myös muutkin kuin suomalaiset, Antalyasta kiinnostuneet matkailijat.

Toivomme paljon kehitysideoita sekä kommentteja teiltä rakkaat lukijat, sillä niiden avulla voimme arvioida opinnäytetyömme onnistumista! :-)

Pahoittelut pienestä kuvasta, mutta tästä näette missä Antalya sijaitsee Turkissa! - Sorry for the small picture, but here you can see where Antalya is located in Turkey! (Google Maps).

Welcome to read our guiding blog for people who are going to travel to Antalya! 

We are two third year tourism students from Kajaani University Of Applied Sciences. We spent our second study year in Antalya, Turkey as an exchange students. We wanted to make our thesis about Antalya, so in the fall 2016 we came up with the idea of this blog. Our "target group" are independent youngsters who are interested in travelling to Antalya.

We wish you to give us some improvement ideas and comments, our dear readers! With those we can evaluate our thesis's outcome! :-)


  1. Hey girls,
    I've also been to Antalya several times with family and without, so i totally agree on everything you wrote :)
    Definitely want to visit again, just don't know what the cheapest accommodation is, maybe you have some ideas 😉
    Looking forward to your next blog entries!

    1. Rebecca Hostels and Airbnb are pretty cheap!
      But I'm afraid the political situation has affected the tourism a lot! Not the same anymore...
      So we germans have to stop listening to the media, keep on traveling to our favourite holiday location and support the turkish economy..

      By the way good job girls!
      Greetings from Germany

    2. Rebecca, thank you! I guess you already got yout answer and I an recommending also AirBnb and hostels, which are really suitable for youngsters. It is difficult for me to help with accommodation because I have never needed it in Antalya, but I have used Airbnb in Izmir and Istanbul. :-)

      And Anonymous, I agree! I hope that the situation will calm down so Turkey could get back the travellers which it has lost. But this is how it is nowadays, we just have to try to deal with that. Good that it doesn't change the fact that how beautiful country Turkey is with its friendly citizens! ✌ Danke schön for your comment!:-)


If you have some ideas, which we should apply to our blog, please, let us know! Every comment, wish and improvement idea are welcome! :-)